Our Approach

When you’re sick or hurt and your doctor’s office isn’t open, you have two options: emergency care and urgent care. Typically, if something happens after hours and you need to be seen immediately, your knee-jerk reaction is to head straight for the emergency room. The emergency room, however, should be reserved for true emergencies. Not only is it often more expensive than an urgent care visit, the emergency room is also filled with more serious illnesses and may have longer wait times. Consider these three scenarios when you should try out urgent care, instead.

You have a sprain, strain, or minor break. Whether you fell off a ladder trying to clean out your gutters or tripped over your cat, you know that your injury needs to be seen before your doctor’s office is open in the morning. Thankfully, the emergency room isn’t your only option! Strains, sprains, and minor breaks can be seen just as easily in an urgent care facility as they can in an emergency room.

You’ve cut yourself and need stitches. Your injury isn’t life-threatening, and you’re not losing huge amounts of blood, but you know that it needs to be stitched up by a professional. Once again, this is an injury that can be seen just as easily in urgent care as in an emergency room–and you’re likely to get seen and sent on your way a lot faster!

You have a case of the flu, a severe sore throat, or another illness that needs medication sooner rather than later. You don’t want to wait for your doctor’s office to open in the morning or after the weekend, because you know that if you need antibiotics or antiviral medication, you need to get them in your system as soon as possible. Thankfully, that’s one of the functions that urgent care can perform! You can be seen and head on your way quickly, rather than incurring an expensive emergency room bill.

If you have more questions about the difference between an emergency and a need for urgent care, contact us! We can help you decide the level of care that you really need. Of course, if at any time a life is in danger, you should call 911 immediately.

Our Story

We don’t remember when doctors made house calls, but we do know that bringing everyday medicine back to some kind of human-centered base is sorely needed. Yodel tries to do something no one’s done in a while — create an effective, one-to-one relationship between doctors and patients without waiting rooms or insurance companies.

Yodel’s founder is an emergency room doctor with the added high-adrenaline cred of being a Colorado Ski Patrol member. He had an idea to bring the country club reputation of concierge medicine down a notch to appeal to families and travelers in the Denver, Colorado, area.

Meet the Team

We bring high quality board certified ER providers to your home, office or hotel to deliver the same quality urgent care you would receive in an ER or Urgent Care. We bring diagnostic testing, laceration repair and even antibiotics to your door!

Daniel Cheek MD FACEP

Founder & CMO

Dan grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and often visits family there still today. He later moved to New England and attended college at Bowdoin College and fell in love with the Maine wilderness and ultimately became a wilderness EMT, an instructor for Outward Bound School and an instructor for Wilderness Medical Associates teaching wilderness emergency medicine to outdoor professionals. Dan also worked as a professional ski patroller for several years at Sunday River Ski Area in Maine before deciding to go to medical school. He attended medical school at Albany Medical College in New York and later finished his Emergency Medicine Residency at Ohio State University. Dan moved to New Zealand for a year and practiced Emergency Medicine in a small hospital there before moving to Denver.

He has been a practicing ER doctor in Denver for 9 years now and his passion for outdoors has continued here in Colorado whenever a day off presents itself for adventure. Dan’s other passion has been teaching paramedics and EMT emergency medicine and in 2014 he created Yodel Health as a novel way to bring urgent care to patients in need and in the comfort of their own space. Dan enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and hiking with his family whenever possible. He also has been known to play harmonica at the occasional impromptu event.